Genocide & Holocaust Studies (Certificate & Concentration)


Seton Hill Holocaust Lecturer Focuses on Dangers of Intolerance

Tribune-Review, May 5, 2015

“As a child of Croatian immigrants, I was exposed to a lot of history and culture that was not exactly tolerant of others... it wasn't until my experience at Yad Vashem and at Seton Hill that I finally found some hope in the idea of teaching tolerance."

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Online Graduate Programs: Certificate and Concentration

Open to all students and scholars but of particular interest to current and future teachers, historians and political scientists, Seton Hill’s programs in genocide and Holocaust studies provide a fuller understanding of the political, social and religious issues that give rise to acts of genocide, and how the lessons of history inform possible responses to the genocides that exist in the world today. 

Seton Hill’s postbaccalaureate courses are offered online in two formats:

  • 15-credit (5 course) certificate.
  • 9-credit (3 course) concentration.

This enables students to choose the program that best meets their educational needs. Each program begins with a course entitled Genocide in Comparative Perspective. Participants then have a range of options for additional courses, including: Genocide and Human Rights, Critical Issues in Holocaust Studies, and Teaching Tolerance.

Seton Hill University is uniquely positioned to offer training to faculty and staff in these subject areas. For nearly a decade, Seton Hill has successfully supported middle school and secondary educators in developing both instructional units and courses on these topics. Seton Hill’s courses are interdisciplinary in nature and address not only the Holocaust and other acts of genocide, but contemporary human rights issues as well.

Study Abroad

Opportunities to study in Poland or Israel are available for graduate students who wish to further expand their intercultural understanding of the Holocaust and genocide.

Summer Institute in Israel

Every summer the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education at Seton Hill sponsors a three-week institute for educators at Yad Vashem, the world center for Holocaust research in Israel. Students in this online certificate program are eligible to attend, and to earn three credits toward their certificate. The generous support of Ethel LeFrak makes it possible for the University to offer tuition assistance.

Ethel LeFrak Scholarships and Opportunities

  • The Ethel LeFrak Student Scholars of the Holocaust Fund. Students in the Genocide and Holocaust Studies Program at Seton Hill can apply for a scholarship through the LeFrak Student Scholars of the Holocaust Fund to offset the costs of tuition, research or travel associated with the program.
  • The Ethel LeFrak Outstanding Student Scholar of the Holocaust Award. This $1,000 award is presented annually to a student of the program who writes a reflection paper that best demonstrates a keen and advanced understanding of the lessons of the Holocaust or another specific act of genocide.

Tuition Discount

All graduate students in Genocide and Holocaust Studies are eligible to receive a 20% tuition discount.

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