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From Where You Are Now to Where You're Going

Seton Hill offers more than 80 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs (as well as an Adult Degree Program and advanced certifications) in the natural and health sciences, performing and visual arts, business, humanities, education and social sciences - so whatever your ambitions, Seton Hill knows how to turn your passion into a meaningful career. (And if you’re not sure what direction you want your education, or your career, to take – no problem. We can help with that, too.)

As Seton Hill is a nationally-recognized liberal arts university, you will receive a top education in your chosen field of study and graduate with a comprehensive skill set and a deeper understanding of the arts, sciences and humanities. Our liberal arts foundation for your study in a specific discipline, enhanced by the best mobile technology for teaching and learning, not only provides you with the flexibility necessary to succeed in your career (or careers) – it also prepares you for a future full of promise and a life filled with purpose.

From here, things are looking UP. 

Seton Hill has a 95% career/graduate school placement rate (and a 98% career placement rate for our master's programs).