How do I nominate someone for consideration by the Presidential Search Committee?

You may submit nominations by contacting our search consultant, R. H. Perry & Associates.  Applications, nominations and inquiries may be directed, in confidence, to Mr. Matthew Kilcoyne, Vice President, or Dr. Roger Martin, Senior Consultant, R.H. Perry & Associates by e-mail, setonhill@rhperry.com.

Why is the search process so confidential once the Presidential Search Committee begins to solicit names?

Seton Hill is committed to protecting the privacy of prospective candidates. In order to protect their privacy, it is necessary to keep all names of potential candidates confidential. Presidential Search Committee members are bound by a confidentiality agreement. Committee members are the only individuals to whom potential candidate names will be known and members will be unable to discuss the identity of prospective candidates. In addition, the Presidential Search Committee will be unable to discuss any details about where the Committee is in the overall process of the search.