Learning Community


The Catholic Church has been the center of learning for many centuries, from the time of the medieval universities to the colleges and universities of present-day America. This is a long and rich tradition of the dialogue between faith and reason that seeks to enrich the ultimate expression of Truth and Beauty in our world. 

All fields of human knowledge contribute to the advancement of our understanding of God and what it means to live as People of God in this modern age. Seton Hill combines the discipline of the liberal arts with professional preparation for careers and seeks to undergird the resulting education with a respectful interweaving of the Catholic tradition with the belief systems of its diverse student body. The required courses in theology and philosophy enable students to address directly questions of meaning and value. 

Seton Hill students not only address these questions in classrooms but in all places where students gather. The Performing Arts Center provides a learning environment to communicate a sense of truth and beauty through the arts. Co-curricular activities, such as the Mary Schmidt Lectures on Issues of Global Justice, the World Affairs Forums, and the Lynch Lecture Series afford additional opportunities, as well. The lessons of the academic disciplines spill over into every day practices as students engage in collaborative learning, experience service as integral to a well-lived life, and relate to others according to community standards. 

As St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, founder of the Sisters of Charity, would say: "I would have you fit for the world."