Seton Hill Style & Identity Information


“Cheerfulness prepares the mind for all the noblest acts..."

- Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

The “What Is Up?” Campaign

In 2002 Seton Hill celebrated its move to coed university status with a new marketing campaign. The “This Way Up” campaign used the traditional school colors and many of the institution’s existing graphic identity elements as a foundation for a bright, friendly, student-focused campaign that reflected the university’s new direction, its mission, and its iconic hilltop presence. The “What is Up?” campaign, created in 2013, is a natural next step “up” – building on the popularity of “This Way Up” to reflect the University’s growth and continued momentum.

What is up? Up is progress. It’s a state of mind. It’s about things looking bright and optimistic. And up goes hand-in-hand with a world-class Catholic liberal arts education. By continuing to move forward (and UP) we keep the promise that Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton made to her students: “I would wish to fit you for that world in which you are destined to live.”

Seton Hill Colors

Seton Hill University’s colors are crimson and gold.


  • PMS 200
  • R:190 G:15 B:52
  • C:18 M:100 Y:83 K:8
  • Hex#: be0f34


  • PMS 142
  • R:243 G:189 B:72
  • C:4 M:27 Y:83 K:0
  • Hex#: f3bd48

Seton Hill Fonts

ITC Giovanni Book is the standard serif font used by Seton Hill.

It is most often used in:

  • Letters and other official communications.
  • Body copy on print publications.

Din & Din Schrift are the standard sans serif fonts used by Seton Hill.

They are most often used in:

  • Advertising & marketing materials.

Knockout is an alternate font that is most often used for advertising.

Need a Logo?

Download one here: 


Logo Questions?


Tim Banks, Graphic Design Manager


Jason Greene, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications

University Logos, Crest & Shield

The Seton Hill Main Logo

The official Seton Hill wordmark logo is a crimson rectangle with white text. it is also available as a black rectangle with white text. The black and white logo should not be used in a color application. No other color variations are permitted. The official logo can be used with the “This Way Up” tagline above and/or “setonhill.edu” below.


The URL should be centered beneath the logo and cannot be wider than the rectangle. The URL must be in an official Seton Hill font in either black or white and must be legible.

This Way Up

The logo with “handwritten” tagline is a specific piece of art, and should not be disassembled or recreated. It is available for use with color and black and white applications.


The Seton Hill main logo can be used on all official communications, publications, advertisements or marketing materials.

Seton Hill Athletic Logos

Primary Athletic Logo

The main athletic logo consists of the Griffins mascot atop the Seton Hill shield displaying the text “Seton Hill Griffins.” This logo should be used on official athletic communications, marketing materials and apparel.

Alternate Logos

Alternate athletic logos include the “leaping Griffin;” a Griffin atop a shield displaying the text “Seton Hill;” and a shield displaying the text “SHU Griffins.” These logos should only be used on Athletic Program communications, materials or apparel.

The Seton Hill Crest & Shield


The crest of Seton Hill University includes stylized crosses representing the Sisters of Charity and half moons representing the Seton family. It includes the University motto, “Hazard yet Forward.”


Seton Hill's seal consists of a crest encircled by “Seton Hill University Greensburg, Pennsylvania.”


Crest and shield are available in black and white or in crimson, black and gold. No other color variations are permitted.


The crest and seal should only be used in formal University documents and communications. In most instances, they should be used in conjunction with the main logo. if you are unsure about usage, please contact the marketing department.

The Seton Hill Alumni Association Logo

The Seton Hill Alumni Association logo is an adaptation of the University seal, a crest encircled by “Seton Hill University Alumni Association.”


The Alumni Association logo should only appear on official Alumni Association documents, communications and marketing materials. Contact alumnirelations@setonhill.edu to obtain permission to use this logo.

Seton Hill Academic Program Logos

Academic programs use the main Seton Hill wordmark logo with the name of the program or area of study in Giovanni Bold centered beneath the logo. Academic program logos can be requested from Seton Hill’s marketing department. 

Seton Hill Center & Administrative Dept. Logos

Seton Hill Administrative Offices

Administrative offices use the main Seton Hill wordmark logo with the name of the department or office in Giovanni Bold centered beneath the logo. Administrative office logos can be requested from Seton Hill's marketing department.


Please contact Seton Hill’s marketing department to obtain logos for the Center for Family Therapy, the Orthodontic Center, the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education and the Child Development Center. 

Sizing, White Space & Effects

The relationship between the graphic elements of all official logos, seals, crests and wordmarks of the University are predetermined and fixed. While they are adaptive to the media in which they are being used, they must be scaled to preserve spatial integrity. They should ever appear “stretched” or misshapen. There must be clear white space around all edges and no effects should be applied, except in the instance that a subtle drop shadow is necessary for the main logo to stand out against a background.

Editorial Guidelines

The Associate Press Stylebook is the text style guide used for all Seton Hill marketing, media relations and communications materials. A list of Seton Hill-specific terms and preferred usage is maintained by the marketing department.

The Seton Hill Website

Design and content of the Seton Hill public website (setonhill.edu) is managed by Seton Hill's marketing team with technical expertise provided by the Seton Hill computer and information technology department.

Questions about website content or editorial guidelines should be directed to:

Becca Baker, Associate Director of Marketing & Content Strategy

Social Media

The University’s official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts are managed by Seton Hill's marketing team. Marketing also assists Seton Hill clubs, groups and departments with their university-related social media efforts, and maintains a directory of all official University social media accounts.

For more information on social media at Seton Hill, please contact:

Sara Day, Associate Social Media Manager